Strategy at the intersection of IQ + EQ

Complex challenges need solutions that address the interlocking structures, processes, and people that created the current circumstances.

The Dowling Street Execution Framework (DSX) addresses all three simultaneously through a bespoke process that turns obstacles into opportunities.

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Stage 1: Diagnosis

Before we begin, we ensure we solve the right problem to create the precise breakthrough the business needs.

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To diagnose the challenge correctly the Dowling Street team takes three steps:


Understand the Conflict

Our team will thoroughly research the challenge and its background. When developing growth and innovation strategy, we'll examine the hurdles that have prevented progress.

Map the Stakeholders

By gathering each stakeholder's perspective on the root causes, opportunities at stake and individual priorities, we accurately identify paths toward a solution.

Determine the Core Challenge

We'll identify the root cause all stakeholders agree prohibits growth and innovation and or causes business roadblocks. Our focus is on overcoming the actionable challenge in a measurable way.

Ready to diagnose the root cause preceding your company’s breakthrough?


Stage 2: Strategy

In this stage, we’ll create a strategy proposal that leads to the most impactful outcome by engaging all stakeholders and leveraging what we uncovered in Stage 1.

Our goal is to leave the organization with new capacities in such a way that our role becomes obsolete.

Together we'll work this iterative process until we’ve landed on a solution that solves the core problem and resolves the symptoms.

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Ready to create a strategy that is custom-built for your team?


Stage 3: Execution

In stage 3, our work focuses on building an environment that supports change while overcoming one of the top challenges of implementation: losing valuable team members and momentum. Dowling Street avoids this by optimally priming the environment to ensure maximum engagement.

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Build the Foundation

Implement the Solution

Monitor the Success

We’ll work with you to maximize engagement and ready the environment for change. This builds common ground that keeps everyone in the game when the strategy challenges the status quo.

By design, the Dowling Street implementation process gives the work back to the team owning its success to iterate and course-correction as needed. We're there to guide each step of the way.

Rather than assuming success because implementation has begun, Dowling Street builds success metrics that confirm we’re moving in the right direction each step of the way.

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