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“I could see the symptoms. But Dowling Street helped me name the core issues.”

Our company was almost 20 years old at the time we hired Dowling Street. Our founding team left and we needed to figure out how to move the company forward in their absence. We had done a lot of work to get the company to tread water, to keep going. But I needed help understanding some of the systemic issues I kept seeing.

My instinct was that the entire company wasn’t working. The company went from mom-and-pop-shop to 120 people very fast. There wasn’t any time or thought put into how to sustain the growth. I needed help restructuring to continue our growth trajectory.

What continues to stand out from our work with Dowling Street is that there’s a methodicalness and intelligence you can see in conversations with them that surpass the talents of the other consulting firms I interfaced with at the time.

- President, Leading Advertising Agency