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How To Not Be the Next BlackBerry

“How did BlackBerry become the stepchild of the tech world?”

This simple question, casually posed to me last week, was a stark reminder of just how far this once-tech giant has fallen. Not that long ago, the BlackBerry was an essential staple of both the busy executive and the bustling socialite. Where did BlackBerry go so wrong? How did they not see their world changing, and what prevented them from being more responsive? How should they have been better prepared to adapt?

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NBC's Real Failure was not Williams'

Two weeks ago, the Internet exploded over a story by NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams. Mr. Williams described how, in 2003, he had been on a Chinook military helicopter when it was “forced down after being hit by an R.P.G.” We now know that Mr. Williams fabricated part of this story where he was on the Chinook that actually took fire. He was actually on another copter that followed 30 – 60 minutes behind. Mr. Williams has been for six months without pay and will be getting a “second chance”. In doing so, NBC management is complicit in a systemic failure that, without deliberate attention, is primed to tear primetime news journalism apart.

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